Visit Jamaica: Where Are the Best Golf Courses in Jamaica?

If you’re going to fly to Jamaica, you will want to see more than just the lavish beaches. You may want to get your golf clubs ready and see the amazing golf courses in Jamaica. The area is absolutely wonderful and will challenge even the most well versed player of the gentleman’s game. Finding which one to play, however, can be a tough thing to do. There are a lot of courses in this tropical paradise, whether you want something very difficult and challenging or something a little more easy to play, there are a lot of different places to explore.

The Hilton Rose Hall Golf Resort and Span – The first major place you have to see is located within The Hilton Rose Hall Resort, which has 54 different holes of golf. Amidst their offerings is a beautiful 18-hole course that has been revered by both pros and novices alike. This lavish Caribbean locale will stun you with beauty, and could make it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Look for Cinnamon Hill to be one of your best bets in Montego Bay.

Half Moon, RockResort – For those headed to the northern part of Jamaica, you’ll have to look into the incredible golf course on this property. Half Moon has an incredible course with a par-72. Championship level play sprawled across 7,000 yards that will challenge you while distracting you with the beauty of Jamaica in a lot of ways. If your goal is to play the best of the best, this is definitely one of the better solutions that you’re going to find.

The White Witch Golf Course – In Rose Hall, Jamaica there lies a golf course that you will want to see with your own eyes. Named in a very interesting way, this is one of the premier locales that you will want to invest in. It is part of the famous Rose Hall Plantation and will only prove to be one of the more impressive places that you can play at. The scenic course features acres of lush green, tropical surroundings, and luxury at every turn. With a deep history that goes back to voodoo lore, this is one course you will want to see and play several times.

Sandals Golf and Country Club Course – Ocho Rios, Jamaica plays home to this resort and golf course. You will find that this is an incredible locale that features all the best parts of what you would expect from the Jamaican tradition. As part of an all-inclusive vacation destination, the course features extended fairways and professional level stretches with a lot of greenery to offset the beauty that you’re going to be distracted by. If you’re going to venture forth with family, this is a good spot to land.

The aforementioned are just a handful of golf course that you will want to explore when traveling in and around Jamaica. It will completely blow you away with the impressive scale and beautiful green. Mix that with the weather and the Jamaican hospitality and you may very well never want to leave the courses.

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