Tips For Traveling by Train in Morocco


When traveling by train, know some guidelines first on ticket booking, travel class, travel time, ticket costs, and getting to the station.

On your visit to Morocco, getting on a train is one of the most convenient ways to travel around the country. It’s affordable and can get you to key cities in no time. If you want to travel by train, be sure to read some important guidelines.

Ticket booking

Upon arriving in Morocco, you can make ticket reservations or buy tickets at any point in the country at any time. The train system in Morocco is vast, so it is not usually a dilemma to get a ride. Traveling to Marrakech from Tangier, however, is different. If couchettes are fully occupied, you can make use of the second class, though some hotel owners may take liberty and book you in advance for a ride.

Travel class

There are two-ways to travel by trains in Morocco, a first-class and a second-class. Six people are accommodated within a first-class compartment, while eight people can fit in a second-class car. First class bookings enable you to have an actual reservation, which is cool if you want to have a seat near the window to enjoy the view. If not, it is first-come, first-serve. Refreshment carts are usually available and offer drinks and snacks to passengers at different prices.

Travel time

Train schedules can be checked on the ONCF official site which is in French. From Marrakech, you can reach Casablanca in 3 hours, Rabat in 4 hours, and Fes in 7 hours. From Tangier you can reach Marrakech in 11 hours via direct overnight travel, and Fes in 5 hours, and vice versa.

Ticket costs

Train tickets in Morocco are affordable. You will pay for your ticket at the station in cash. Children below 4 travel for free, while kids ages 4-12 have lesser fares. The fees are different by travel class, with the first class being more expensive than the second class.

Getting to the station

Upon arrival at the International airport in Casablanca, you can take a train going to the central station within the city. From there you can travel to your desired destination like Fes, Marrakech, Tangier and other Moroccan cities. In other cities aside from Casablanca, you can call for a cab to take you to the nearest train station. Always try to have a hotel address ready before leaving. Other cities offer a bus route as well.

When in the train station, always check the schedule to avoid missing a ride. Also, keep watch on your belongings. When you are bringing your own food to the train, be kind enough to offer some to fellow passengers, unless it’s Ramadan.

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