Tel Aviv Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Tel Aviv Israel

In this Tel Aviv travel guide we explore the old port of Jaffa, the beaches of Tel Aviv and share some insights about the largest city …


21 thoughts on “Tel Aviv Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Tel Aviv Israel

  1. Suleman Salar says:

    Hi I'm from North Sindh Pakistan I πŸ’“πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° long live πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° nice beautiful sir thanks make this great video for us Sir plz kindly make more videos about this great city

  2. Matan Omer says:

    As a Tel Avivian, I think we are super lucky, great weather, beaches, food, sweet peaceful free society, and a very well kept and prosperous city. Looks like you enjoyed it! Was it like you imagined it?

  3. TC Mayes says:

    Im dying to know how much they give you too keep spouting people to push the notification bell i never have never will and i have never missed anything i wanted to see and many things get brought up i have no interest in and just bc you watch without even liking by the way a video they send others like 800 times its pathetic!!! your not doing yourself any favors playing into that make everyone your little robot!!!!

  4. China Jo says:

    This is one grand trip – love Eliat and Televiv. The bracelets are a great keepsake of your travels. Just fabulous filming this is thank you. Can’t wait for Egypt, Dubai, and Africa

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