Scotland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Scotland, located in the north of the United Kingdom, is a fascinating and atmospheric land. A land of Celtic myths and legends …


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  1. Lani Nepomuceno says:

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  2. Dottie Baker says:

    Oh, the Scots just left of their own accord during The Clearances, to find a better way of life elsewhere? Only an Englishman could put it that way! They left because the Brits burned them out and slaughtered many of those who stayed….and replaced them with sheep.

  3. A & B Photography says:

    Learmonth Gardens is a quiet street in the respectable district of Comely Bank in Edinburgh. But one of its houses has a disturbing history. In the mid 1930s, the house was occupied by a baronet, Sir Alexander Seton, and his family. The family took a trip to Egypt and brought back a souvenir that they would later regret ever having set eyes upon.The trip to Egypt incorporated a visit to the Temple of Luxor and in spite of the fact that it was illegal to remove anything from the tombs, Lady Seton picked up a small bone as a memento and brought it back to Scotland with her. The bone was placed in a glass case in the dining room. The family had hardly settled back into normal life when strange and disturbing things started to happen. Crashing sounds were heard and furniture was found in disarray. Ornaments were found broken in rooms that had been empty. Lady Seton fell suddenly and inexplicably ill with a mystery complaint. Time and time again, the family were disturbed by strange occurrences which had no explanation at all. Strangest of all was a ghostly figure in long robes that appeared in the house to several people, residents and visitors alike. Servants of the family became unnerved and sought employment elsewhere. At one point Sir Alexander lent the bone to a scientist friend and the ghost disappeared from Learmonth Gardens, only to be seen in the home of his friend. Such a story could not remain a secret long, and soon the Edinburgh newspapers were full of stories of the ‘Curse of the Pharaoh’ as they called it. The bone was returned to Learmonth Gardens and once more the furniture seemed to take on a life of its own. Sir Alexander himself became ill and eventually surrendered the bone to a priest. The bone was exhumed and then burnt and thankfully the torment came to an end.

  4. A & B Photography says:

    The Church of St John the Evangelist, is a Scottish Episcopal church in the centre of Edinburgh. It is sited at the west end of Princes Street at its junction with Lothian Road, and is protected as a category A listed building.

    On the left as you go in the door is a plaque for a John Stuart Forbes (J S Hiley) who had to leave Edinburgh in disgrace and ended up in America and his bad luck followed him as he joined the US Cavalry and landed in the 7th and went down with General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

    The grandfather of American folk singer Joan Baez, William Henry Bridge was Minister here and her mother Joan Chando Bridge was born in Edinburgh and baptised in St Johns.

  5. Mind Unwind says:

    Scotland has always fascinated me with its intriguing area in the north of the United Kingdom. Celtic myths and traditions abound in this area of lush hills, desolate peaks, mystical lakes, and great castles.

  6. Cynthia Rosas says:

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  7. Hajira says:

    My dream place to visit for 33 years my husband never took me I thought he would be my support system and follow my dreams or be besides me hold my hand help me but he went Trafalgar Square with my cousin instead never once took us anywhere

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