Portland, Oregon-Forest Park

I thought I would go explore Forest Park on an E-Bike that was sent to me by Addmotor. Forest park is an amazing part of Portland, …


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  1. Elaine Chubb says:

    Thank you for a beautiful video. I retired to Portland, with (alas) worsening arthritis, so haven't done any real hiking. Have been into Forest Park a couple of times from the end of Thurman Street–from the "city" side. Beautiful and quiet. Have been in Washington Park more times, including the trail from the Zoo to the Japanese Garden (two miles or so) and even that gives a wonderful quiet time in what seem deep forests. There are a lot of natural or semi-natural areas within the city limits that are reachable even without a car, since there will be a bus stop fairly near–Mount Tabor, Council Crest, to name two. Also some special wildlife areas in the metro area. A very good city to enjoy the outdoors–not forgetting the riverside walks. I am so glad you are showing some of the attractive areas here!

  2. Sister Sherry Doing Stuff says:

    I love Forest Park – and kind of feel blessed that Portland has this as a nature wonderland. I'm looking at the west hills now. It's beautiful. BTW – I took a trip down to Silverton on Saturday after watching your video. Lovely town!

  3. Natural Flow says:

    Oregon is an all-time favorite place on planet Earth. So diverse, full of amazing and kind people that I have not found anywhere else. True lovers of nature. Ohh, how much I miss Oregon. As the days and weeks are getting more stressful, your video reminded me of what's truly important in life and I thank you for that, because that's exactly what I needed in moments like these. Thank you again and wishing you the best on your adventures.

  4. Rich Roberts says:

    From Portland. gov – "Motorized mobility devices are allowed for people with disabilities. Beyond this exception, e-bikes, electric scooters, and other motorized transport are not allowed in the park. Nearly 25 miles of roads, firelanes, and trails are open to people on horseback."

  5. Twill Ongenbone says:

    Subaru…. In OR…. No way…..

    FP is fave place in Ptld. Miss it, but Ptld has been made to just feel dirty and wrong. Ruined by the prevailing socio-political atmosphere, thoroughly-corrupt govt, truly abhorrent homeless cluster-F. One expects to be accosted somehow by something when venturing into Ptown-common. A once great city ruined by the wretched scum O' the earth. So angering for those of us who once loved everything about Bridgetown.

  6. Sammy K. YT says:

    Speaking of nice places in Portland, I visited Lewis and Clark University last fall. I was expecting it to be more populated and urban, and I was pleasantly surprised at how peaceful and quiet it was. It's a small college in a very nice peaceful neighborhood with beautiful scenery and surrounded by nature and I really enjoyed my time there.

  7. Justin Time says:

    Love the car! Mine is blue. I used to have the roof rack and dreaded the process of loading my bike on it. So I installed a hitch receiver for my bike rack which made loading the bike so much easier. It was a great purchase!

  8. Crow Homestead says:

    These 'mild' sponsorships work for me. Often an interesting product – and you also get a decent video too. The very long, 'shouty' earbud sponsorships are however at the other end of the acceptability scale.

  9. Addmotor says:

    Hi Briggs! Thanks for sharing the Forest Park and our M-550 P7 e-bike, we're so glad you like it and hope it can bring more fun and outdoor possibilities to your road trip!😄

  10. JaLePeÑo says:

    Be nice to each other! Love your videos. I’ve lived in Oregon my whole life of 46 years. It’s changed so much like all things do. I don’t care for the political, taxation or social direction at all, but it’s the most beautiful state (parts that haven’t burned)

  11. Lou Giacobbi says:

    Would love to see a Briggs video where is isn't desperately obsessed with homelessness, and looking for ways to lock them up and make them disappear. Maybe Briggs should do a specific video on the homeless communities and actually find out the reasons they are there and what needs to be done to help them, instead of just bitching about it being an annoyance to him, ad nauseum.

  12. Dolores J. Nurss says:

    I was told that Forest Park and Mt. Tabor Park are both located on land sacred to the indigenous people, that these places were for visiting, not for settling in. Wise move, turning them into parks and thereby preserving them.

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