24 thoughts on “Paris, France: Café Culture

  1. ALI SUROOR says:

    It is essential that we take care of the course of education, and as you also know, larger spending must be in the course of scientific, cultural, literary and community research.
    In order to bring all dimensions closer, we must create a polarized environment for intellectuals in order to develop a new vision consistent with the outputs of the contemporary world in terms of awareness and innovation.
    Associations interested in promoting the country's official language should set up cultural cafés and address cafés in the names of poets, intellectuals or drawings such as books for each passion for writing or reading.
    The result will be to raise the level of reflection in the collective consciousness, which will form a modern generation capable of distinguishing linguistic, cultural and life errors extensively.
    Let us not forget that the famous Social Media, it is their responsibility to promote cultural cafés, in order to introduce the places of literary cafés and to introduce it to others everywhere.


  2. mike Butt says:

    I visit my Daughter in Paris twice a year , The wonderful Cafe Society and Dining atmosphere of the French is simply superb, we don’t have that in the U.K. viva La France !!!!!

  3. sauce says:

    I live in near Calgary, Alberta. It’s impossible to go a flames game and not drink and drive or have a dd unless you live along c-train or 10 min away from the arena

  4. Aaron Ying says:

    This is so wonderful. Americans have no sense of culture or class and want to do everything fast and now. They don’t know relaxation or how to slow down or enjoying smaller details.

  5. Eric_SWFL says:

    Just returned from Paris yesterday and was delighted by their way of life. They exist on a level of order and sophistication far higher than we in the US. I'm knocking the US but rather stating my personal observation which, coincidentally, seems to be the consensus. In addition, my experience in Paris was all positive. I encountered no rudeness or arrogance. Importantly, I always made a conscious effort to speak as much French as I could at which point they happily spoke english to me. I cannot wait to return.

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