Indian Travel – 20 Safety Tips


In today’s world, holidaying and travel to any city is fraught with safety risks and perils believes Safety is your foremost concern while traveling anywhere. Travelers often fall prey to perpetrators as they generally don’t take proper measures before embarking on a journey. Whether it is your health safety during holidays or safety of your money and home behind, you need to take some steps to avoid undesirable eventualities. India is a large country and there are all sorts of people here. While you’ll find some people quite supportive and helping the others may not be so good. You may encounter robbers, thieves, rapists, touts and all sorts of wrong people who could be eying on your money. But don’t worry. By keeping in mind some tips, you can keep these people at bay. Here some top safety tips by the safety experts during travel to India.

1.Don’t write your home address and telephone number on the luggage. Instead keep your address inside. Don’t wear name tags in public. If on business trip, remove your tag while you leaving conference room or hotel.

2.Stay with your luggage until it is checked.

3.Keep your passport, credit cards, driving license and other important documents in separate hand bag. Deposit it in the hotel’s safe as soon as you get one.

4.Keep a small flashlight handy, you never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself in the dark.

5.Don’t wear jewelry and other items that project affluence.

6.Travel with one or two credit cards only, if possible. Keep sufficient credit in your account. Also keep the help numbers to call in case of theft of credit cards.

7.Don’t accept anything edible from strangers.

8.Don’t eat anything from roadside vendors. Drink only bottled water. Check the seal and date of packaging.

9.Keep your prescription medicines with you.

10.At hotel, staying at ground level may give you easier exit in case there is a fire, but you are increased risk of easier accessibility of those who have criminal intentions. Staying at first or second floor near staircase or lift will be more safe.

11.Check your room carefully for any installed bugs. Check the door, peephole from inside and outside. Also check smoke alarm and test it by pushing test button if it beeps.

12.Always use stairs if a fire smoke is detected.

13.Don’t hire unmarked taxi cabs. Sit behind the driver so that you can see him bur he cannot see you from the rear glass. Pay the driver only after reaching your destination and while you are still siting in the car.

14.Beware of staged road accidents. They might be meant to just catch you off-card.

15.Let your friends or hotel reception know where you are moving out. Keep their numbers to call in case of any eventuality.

16.If traveling with kids, bring recent photographs of each kid in case you become separated from them.

17.Don’t discuss your travel plans or any other personal information in public. Beware of eavesdroppers.

18.Cover yourself under travel insurance and health insurance.

19.Make sure that you carry first aid supplies with you.

20.Research and check about local weather. Decide the clothes accordingly.

Source by Rohan Arora

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