How Often Do You Visit Your Past?

As often advised by many – visit your past once in a way but don’t rent a house over there… but don’t many of us love singing the title track of ‘poor me’? Do we do this to seek empathy or simply to caution ourselves from committing the same mistakes over and over again? I was once told, in order to forget old memories, you got to create new ones… sad, the same is so extraneous and despairing to those who’ve lost their near and dear ones to catastrophes or tragedies beyond their control.

All of this is so incisively ironic. Sometimes based on the past we adjudicate our current actions in order to avoid hiccups in the near future. Whereas sometimes we shrug away the past to refrain losing what we have (for the future). But why is it that the circle of life brings us back to the same place – the same spot where we were a few years or months back? Is it to test us if we have learnt our lesson well or simply to heal?

The sooner we unhitch from regrets, the quicker we become more receptive to a new surge of exciting experiences. That is to say, why go through life walking down the street backwards. Forget ‘what lies behind’ and strain forward to ‘what lies ahead’. To that end, I’d say a positive approach of dealing with the past mishaps would be by not asking ‘why me’? In fact, ‘why not me’?

Some of us, to coin a phrase have become masochists. We derive satisfaction from revisiting our painful pasts but then again who am I to judge.

I always see it this way, maybe some people came into our lives to toughen us up whereas some to help us get in touch with our repressed emotions. The advent of some may have carved wounds in us whereas others may have healed ones that we never knew prevailed. Time waits for no one and joyous moments spent with our loved ones simply become cherished memories that keep flashing by after they are gone. So, let’s learn to live in the moment happily, enjoy all that we encounter and bask in, not basing it upon pasts, expectations or gains.

‘better an oops than what if’ – isn’t it better to fail while doing something than having to live with the regret of not having tried it when given a chance to? Furthermore, the sooner we close old doors, new one’s open up. Then why doubt passing through them fearing the past. Why not look on exits as being entrances somewhere else?

Source by Vishal Thawani

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