France’s Loire: Château Country

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Along the Loire River Valley, the beautiful French countryside is studded with evocative …


21 thoughts on “France’s Loire: Château Country

  1. Acadian French Fry says:

    My ancestors are originally from Amboise (in fact our family name is the same). Ironically I live in the Napa Valley in California and it looks similar to this area. Not as beautiful, but similar. No wonder I have always loved the Napa Valley so much. I would love to come visit Amboise some day.

  2. DM McHugh says:

    During WWII, Chenonceau also was used to smuggle people over to Free France. I believe by simply crossing out to the back of the chateau, people would then safely arrive within Free France.

  3. Francine Sicard says:

    The gallery was not built on the commission of Diane de Poitiers, mistress of King Henry II. She only entrusted the architect Philibert Delorme with the task of building a bridge connecting the castle to the left bank in order to create new gardens. After the death of Henri II, his wife, Catherine de Médicis, forced her rival Diane de Poitiers, to return Chenonceau to the Crown. And it's only around 1576 that Catherine de Medicis had two superimposed galleries built on the Pont de Diane, forming a reception area unique in the world, and giving the castle its current appearance

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