Budapest: The Best of Hungary

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | We soak in elegance at the thermal Széchenyi Baths, stomp and slap with traditional dancers …


48 thoughts on “Budapest: The Best of Hungary

  1. andreyokoch says:

    How dare to use 'Nazis and Communists' in one sentence? Soviet Army liberated entire Europe from Hitler's plague. Most European nations surrendered to Germans without any resistance while over a million of Russian/Soviet soldiers died during Europe liberation alone.

  2. MURY says:


  3. Zsuzsanna Budapest says:

    Poland is our favorite country. I have never been, but once Ukraine is free again, I will try to go back to Europe and see Poland. It's terrible to share borders with Russia which is a country most Europeans loathe. Russian soldiers are ignorant, badly treated, and lied to. The ones we have seen in1956 were very young.

  4. XMaster65 says:

    Threw this on for my hungarian grandma because she doesn't know how to work youtube 😂 she loves it and I don't think I've ever seen her this interested in a show 😂
    Edit: She did not like the part about communism or WWII 😭 she wasn't having that

  5. Laura Buchanan says:

    Thank you. Budapest is such a beautiful and ethnically rich city. I would like to visit. Budapest had a sad history but it's Beautiful now it's the beautiful architecture and the interesting thermobaths. Very relaxing looking thermal baths. I like the elegant buildings and the chess boards around the thermal bass. I like the Daniel Brewer. I like all the interesting and cool sights of the city. I like the cafe culture in the upper houses. I like the music and dancing. I think Communist buildings are ugly but they're an important part of history. Part of Budapest looks like Paris. The museums are interesting but terrifying And sad I'm glad things are better. I liked that they have a sense of humor about bad events.

  6. Theo Chi says:

    Rick Steve is the best!
    Documenting places in the best possible way!
    The way of presenting facts and educating, the flow, the scenery selection, is the best that there is!

  7. Александра Сорокина says:

    Omg! Not the first video in the channel with this context (Tallin as well). So, let me criticise you. Stop producing your American way of looking and stereotyping the anti-Russian and anti-soviet looks! It’s annoying. I recommend you to reed some alternative sources about history except for American ones.

  8. Sloweny says:

    *Central Europe! And not Eastern

    It’s unbelievable how much the city has developed in 7 years. 80% of the buildings, roads and parks seen in the show have been completely renovated. You could make a second part of it

  9. LoveRammstein_Ghost says:

    im an american and i want to get my kids out of this country because its not a good place. Ive seen some recent interviews with the PM and I really like his political views. Budapest looks so beautiful ❤️😍❤️

  10. Monica A Hagland says:

    European Union has to expel Hungary! We can’t have semi-autocrat pro Russia in our Union! Social benefits payed with EU money, our money! Start with cutting the money that makes Orban so popular and expel!

  11. James Lee, M.D. says:

    Disappointed to see not one Vizsla in this great video. The sweetest breed — I had a female who lived to be almost 17 years of age. This breed supposedly was chosen to guard the leaders of the Maygars — those dogs must have licked any invaders to death.

  12. Dóczi Rebeka says:

    For any inquiring tourist out there: as a native hungarian who've learned english, the english is MUCH easier than hungarian. Seriously, even just uttering the words is harder than forming a short sentence in english. You don't want to learn hungarian. It just isn't worth it. Maybe the swearing is what's the most unique part about it. English has a few words for that. For hungarian, you can say dozens of creative and rich words for any kind of sh&tty figure, and the whole sentence combinations are just giving you utter freedom in cursing anyone out. My grandpa is a champion about it, so I'm talking from experience. 😂😩
    Of course, if you want to challenge and train your brain and knowledge, than it's the perfect language for you to learn. 👍

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