37 thoughts on “Biggest Tourist Traps in France

  1. Sandra says:

    Good advice and things to think about! I have been to France a few times. My first time to Paris I did go up the Eiffel Tower, but it was late at night so there was no line to buy the ticket and go up. I am super glad I did it. I phoned my brother and dad, who I was caregiver for, to say "Guess where I am calling you from!". They were tickled to hear I was calling them from. It was a dream for me to be up there at night. Your advice about the chateau region is very true. My friend and I rented a car. We had planned to go to Leonardo DiVinci’s home nearby after visiting a couple chateaus, but we ended up spending so much time at one chateau we never made it to his home. I would not waste time at any Disneyland in any country. I could make a trip back home to the States, from where I live in Europe now, for what I would spend in one day there.

  2. A. B. Adams says:

    The Louvre is fine, but our fave Parisian gallery is just across the river; The Musee d'Orsay, the gorgeous re-purposed train station that holds the magical works of impressionists like Van Gogh, Monet and Matisse. I go every time I visit Paris, even if it's just to enjoy the view of the Louvre and the rest of Paris from it's rooftop outdoor restaurant tables.
    One more sunset tip; go to the roof of the Arc de Triomphe at sunset!! But do it like this; buy your ticket first thing in the morning – 9:30 a.m. – when the line is short and then go back for sunset. The line for people with tickets is much shorter. Have dinner at Fouquet or George V – both usually have outdoor tables in warm weather.

  3. Ardika Pradnya says:

    I agree with Eiffel Tower to the simple fact that when you are ON the tower, you don't see the Eiffel Tower in your view anymore, and that's essentially what makes Paris skyline so iconic, without it, the view is pretty but nothing special. So, i would suggest go to Montparnasse Tower, the ugly office building that actually located not far from Eiffel. You get a 360 view of Paris WITH the Eiffel Tower. It's beautiful.

  4. Cat says:

    I highly recommend going up the Arc de Triomphe. It's perfect height. High enough to see most of the city but also not too high that you can see the buildings really well.

  5. A. B. Adams says:

    Best way to tour chateaux, castles and vineyards? Book a 6-8 day bike tour with a company like Back Roads, Freewheeling or Vermont Bike Tours. We've done the Loire valley, Brittany and The Dordogne (which seems to be the favourite among those who have done more than one) as well as tours in Hungary, Austria and New Zealand. After skiing, it's the most fun you can have with your pants on ;->

  6. Left is right says:

    As a french who barely never went to paris, it remain useful to me. But i have to disagree with the mont st michel part because dispit the amount of tourist and the price, it's still an absolute banger to me (I include the village). The historical value is amazing because the church come from the old merovingian dynasty time and it's being constantly upgraded through all the middle age and after. Also brittany is underated and alsace is amazing too.

  7. Joaquim Caeiro says:

    I think the tourist trap is july and august. I have made a 15 days trip in france in early september and it was beautifull. From bordeaux to mt Saint michel, Paris, Loire valey and the pirenees….. oh and by the way buy your tickets in advance in the internet It saved me a lot of time

  8. A. B. Adams says:

    As one who has been to France 14 times, I can give advice on these "Tourist Traps".
    Mont St. Michel is Wonderful! Well worth it. BUT; time your visit to get to the top for sunset, the crowds will be gone and the views from the western terraces are magnificent. Hustle past the snack and souvenir shops; go for the Abbey. Dine and sleep at one of the hotels on the landward end of the causeway.
    The Eiffel tower is also spectacular. Most people don't know there is an excellent, elegant restaurant about halfway up. Book on-line 3-6 months in advance. Again; time it for arrival just before sunset. Inside the tower, the giant metal beams and their giant rivets make you feel you're dining in a Buck Rogers space ship!
    St. Tropez is lovely, if you can afford it. I's not easy to get to, so you want to go for more than 2-3 days. We stayed at La Ferme d'Augustin – walking distance to Tahiti beach. Loved it. It was a 3 star then, but it's been spruced up bumped up in price.
    I'll comment further after watching the rest of this video.

  9. Just Luke says:

    I don't have too much experience travelling in France. But something i was really disappointed about was dining. I know everyone acts as if the french cuisine would be top notch and yes they have great gourmet restaurants, but overall it's shitty. I've probably had 9/10 of my worst meals there.

  10. Lucas Foldesi says:

    Frankly, the Mona Lisa, or as we say in french " La Joconde" is not a beautiful painting.
    This piece needs to be restored, it's dirty, the colors are dull, it's really shameful to keep this artpiece in such a bad shape…

  11. James Hart says:

    To be fair , there’s nothing wrong with Disneyland Paris – just depends where you’re located – if you’re in Europe then realistically Paris in the only Disney you can afford to go to . I’ve done both Florida and Paris twice and will admit Florida is so much better , but , if you live in Europe and don’t have the money for the Disney’s further away , then Paris is perfectly fine too 🙂

  12. Katallama says:

    no parisian has gone up the eiffel tower. i am from Versailles i have been up the Eiffel tower once with my cousin. They from the south. Personnally the worst thing about Paris is the fact you have to stand up and walk everywhere for ages if you want to do anything or take the rat and crackhead infestead metro. (Maybe my Paris experience is biased because i have been to the bad parts of Paris. especially the surrounding city. Also DIsneyLand is way better in Florida. Except u have to go through florida to experience Disneyland.

  13. Gary Walsh says:

    The secret to Mont St Michel is to stay the night. we did this a few years ago and it was the best thing ever. No tourists after 6.00 pm so we could eat dinner wherever. We got up at 8 am and saw the abbey with very few people. We left at 11.30 am and it was bedlam. Take my advice and stay the night.

  14. Paul Elliott says:

    Hello do not try to speak French your accent is horrendous. Forget Paris and Normandie.Come to the real France, the South West.We have Bordeaux with its marvellous architecture its history , there are plenty of vineyards and they are not tourist traps .this is an untruth.We also have the bassin d'Arcachon which is beautiful but is a tourist trap for foreigners and Parisians.Hope to see you in our wonderful Gironde.

  15. cmlazar says:

    There is some truth to your comments. First of all, don’t visit Paris in the summer when everyone else does and the lines are impossible. Secondly, the best view of the Eiffel Tower is from the top of Le Tour Montparnasse and it’s free. Go at night. The best time to go up the Eiffel Tower is so you can see sunset from the top. The Louvre is enormous and you can’t possibly see all the art in one visit. A good substitute is Le Musée d’Orsay. Less crowded and has many Impressionist paintings as well as other fabulous displays. I have been to Paris innumerable times since I was 15 (going on 80 now), lived in France on and off from 15 on, and teach French. Take his advice with a grain of salt except for DisneyParis. It’s nowhere near Paris, and a waste of time and money.

  16. TheFactsAreThese says:

    I like Disneyland Paris for a day-what makes the park (the main park with the castle-don't bother with the other Studios one, and certainly don't stay there) worth seeing is that everything is more elaborate and detailed than the US parks, and there are many rides that are different from the ones in the US-not exactly the same. Paris' Big Thunder Mountain? Fantastic! Paris' Space Mountain? There's loops! Paris' Haunted Mansion? Totally different storyline! So I'd say if you like the Disney parks, go for a day. It may have less to do than Florida, but it's also much less chaotic and somewhat more affordable. BUT don't spend multiple days here and don't go to the Studios park unless you're a true Disney diehard.

    The Eiffel Tower was a miserable experience. Not so much going up, because we went late at night, but going down was a nightmare of being in this claustrophobic hallway and trying to navigate around all the people in line, all the people not in line, etc. It was a chaotic and claustrophobic event. Very happy that I did it (and did it pre-covid!), so that I never have to do it again.

    And of course the other, ultimate, just-outside-of-Paris tourist trap: Versailles. If you want to go, go super super early, because I ended up waiting in a line that took about three hours just to get inside, and when I did, even though the rooms were massive, every square inch was choked with people. You can't even see or really enjoy half of it just because you're drowning in a sea of humanity at every moment of your experience.

  17. Lori Penzato says:

    Go to the rooftop of the Galleries Lafayette store and get an incredible view of Paris !!! La Chapelle church was beautiful and there was a tour of the restoration of the stain glass !! I was in awe of the beautiful doors in all the buildings!! I took photos of the ceiling in the bookstore Place Des Vosges.

  18. Hassan Ali Husseini says:

    Mona Lisa…. I remember I was alone in front of her in 1988. But 2016, the last time I saw her, it was only from the distance because of the crowds.

    And there are so many other more beautiful and interesting paintings in the Louvre.

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