Basic Principle of Your Trip – Safety During Vacations


Safety during vacations comes at the top most priority. All of us want to enjoy and have fun while on vacations. Injuries, accidents and theft can ruin the very purpose of your trip. Most mishaps happen during transportation when you ignore the simple travel safety tips such as wearing a seat belt, hurrying up into a train, or jumping out of a slowing down bus. Similarly, your negligence on the part of taking care of your luggage may result in loss of travel related documents and valuables.

As a result, your vacation that was supposed to be a memorable and enjoyable event may end up in a nightmare for you. You may follow the following simple procedures and travel tips to ensure that no mishap happens during your vacation trip.

Safety Tips during vacations: Tips for taxi journey

o Always wear safety belts as the first step for safety during vacations. Use baby seats and special seat belts for infants and kids. Instruct your taxi driver not to violate any traffic rules and drive within the prescribed speed limit.

o Never leave your children in a parked car or in your hotel room alone. Always be attentive towards your children and accompany them all the time.

o Before hiring a taxi, ensure that it is in a good running condition. The taxi must have a spare tire, jack, jumper cables and flares. Pack a flashlight, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. If you are going on a long taxi trip, keep a copy of the identity proof of your driver and contact details of the travel agency.

Safety during vacations: Travel Tips for a bus journey

If you are in a group tour, most of the time you will be traveling by a bus. Never try to get into or get down from a running bus. When you enter into or leave a bus, watch for slippery or uneven pavements and other hazards that could cause you to fall down.

o Never peep out or keep hand out of the window. Vehicles are closer while overtaking than you imagine.

o Never keep a heavy baggage in the storage rack over your head. This can land on your head on a bumpy roads causing neck injury.

o Over 28 per cent of all bus passengers experience travel sickness, especially on the back seat. Carry some medicines with you to avoid it.

Safety during vacations: Travel Tips for a train journey

Train travel can offer a relaxing, economical alternative to flying or driving long distances. In a train journey, you can enjoy scenic views of the countryside and interact with many people. Train travel is most safe; however, the following steps are still necessary:

o When you enter or leave a subway car, be sure to “mind the gap,” as they say in London. There is a gap between the edge of the train platform and the subway door.

o Never try to get onto the subway once the doors begin to close. If the train is too crowded for you to board safely, wait for the next train.

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