Australia The Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

Australia is a wild and beautiful place, a land whose color palette of red outback sands and Technicolor reefs frames sophisticated …


27 thoughts on “Australia The Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

  1. Move On says:

    \\\\\“““`Kahiy nahiy Baat samjigaye sonny nahiy baat kahiygaye nahiy koi Jan ek dosre se anjan bohat dor Pehle se se hotiy howie ussey kiya firkrr osske kilaff Pehle se na baat kisiy ilmamalbauss nahiy kabhi nahiy kabhi nahiy kabhi"""""""////////////////////““`

  2. Vishnu Kumar says:

    Very strict immigration most of vistors who come from south and south east Asia ,Australia immigration don't allow fresh fruits they that carry bacteria which can cause biosecurity threat as if they are living in an other planet . so you mean to say even people coming India and china carry unknown bacteria and virus so even they have to be thrown in the dustbin is it .so unfriendly tourist destination never travel to Australia also you will be repeatly checked again and again once you have been fined . Never never go Australia I call it as planet Australia.
    Fresh fruits they say that carry bacteria which can cause biosecurity threat do you have any research paper to support it .Even we human also millions of bacteria .I call you as Planet Australia I swear to the god I should never never ever want come to Australia sorry Planet Australia this so preposterous.

    I Next time when friends go to planet Australia from India or asia I will tell them to wear spacesuit to planet Australia and take shower in the immigration with not Indian soap(Foreigh Bacteria) only Planet Australia Soap .

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  4. 直樹 稲田 says:


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