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Belize, as a travel destination is no longer the ‘best kept secret’ in the tourism sector. As compared to other star destinations, Belize has been entirely manicured by Mother Nature. Belize has captured the imagination of all sorts of tourists – adventure seekers to nature conservationists…honeymooners to ‘twilight year’ tourists…teenagers to family vacationers. There is a special nook for everybody in Belize.

One of the most encouraging aspects of a Belize trip is its easy accessibility by air, land and sea. Once you land in Belize, moving around is cheap and most of the attractions are at close quarters – making it easier to plan a weekend or a short trip.


Arriving in Belize from anywhere in North America is fast and convenient – with the array of flights, cruises and bus lines entering the Belizean borders at regular intervals. And, if you love the Caribbean Sea and you have your own boat, then you can enjoy the Belizean bonanza even before you reach the shores of Belize.

If you are a road warrior, then you can plan on taking a luxury bus or even drive to Belize from anywhere in North and Central America. Flights from major cities like Miami, Dallas, Houston and Charlotte are operated by American Airlines, Continental Airlines and US Airways.

Plan your trip

Good planning is the key to a successful trip – and for a treasure trove like Belize, most prized destinations could be right around the corner. A trio of guidelines might help the visitors planning a trip to Belize –

* If your trip is incomplete without a pint of beer and you crave for a corner seat in a quaint Mexican restaurant – Then a stay in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, San Ignacio or Placencia village will add flavor to your trip.

* If a vacation means open air spa and relaxing in the lap of luxury, then a luxury jungle lodge in Cayo may be the best option for you.

* And if tranquility and privacy are indispensable for your vacation, then a stay at places like Long Caye or Lighthouse Reef Atoll would invigorate your spirits.

Fees Facts

Here are a few facts about arrival and departure fees in Belize when you are entering its Borders.

* Airport Departure fees:

1. Departure Tax: US$15.00

2. Conservation Tax: US$3.75

3. Security Fee: US$1.25

Total Airport Departure Fees: US$ 20.00

* Border Departure fees

1. Border Processing Fee: US$10.00

2. Conservation Tax: US$ 3.75

Total Border Departure Fees: US$ 13.75

* Airport Security fees

1. International Airport to Domestic Airport – US$0.75

1. International Airport to International Destination- US$1.25

Breezing around Belize…

Hopping around Belize is simple for even the most conservative tourists – with the option of car rental, taxi and buses ferrying at regular intervals. If the trip is slightly longer, planes and buses are available. For the more adventurous kind, rental bikes can also be availed of at very reasonable prices.

If your time is at a premium, then local airlines can be an option for a quick trip, although many visitors prefer buses as they provide you with a window side view of the cultural and geographical landscape of Belize. Many of the frequent visitors to Belize are also likely to hop around in ferries and water taxis – giving them a closer look into the heart and soul of Belize, the river system and inland waterways.

Know your Costs

Travel costs in Belize are much cheaper than the US or Europe. Top of the line hotels charge the visitors in US dollars and the same is true for most of the operated tours. The standard currency is either the U.S. Dollar or the Belizean dollar (BZ$) which is equal to roughly US$1=BZ$2.

The best time of the year…

The heaviest tourist starts from December and continues until June. Belize experiences a rainy season from June until November. So, if you want to experience Belize in a cooler and milder form, December to May is the right period.

Welcome to Belize…

No matter when you arrive in Belize, you will be welcomed with a warm smile and an open heart. Belizeans are known for their hospitality and cordial demeanor. It’s no wonder that many of the visitors end up buying the prized real estate in Belize. Places like Long Caye, which are adorned with pristine beaches and serene diving and fishing spots, are witnessing a steady rise in foreigner owned real estate. Whatever may be their purpose, visitors return from Belize with a wish that they had stayed a bit longer.

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