3 Pcak Waterproof RV Hose Storage Bag, Large RV Equipment Storage Organizer Bags for Fresh Water Hoses, Sewer Hoses, Electrical Cords, RV Accessories, Camper Accessories for Outside & Inside Storage

Price: $36.98
(as of Sep 28, 2022 18:01:29 UTC – Details)

Easily organize and identify your RV, Camper or trailer hoses, cables, cords and equipment with the Xisudro waterproof utility storage bags. Let’s face it, keeping your gear and accessories organized is tedious, especially when working with cables and hoses. Our RV hose storage bags ensure that you’ll stay clean, clear and organized.

Don’t make this newbie RV mistake!! One of the most important rules for your RV life on the road is to never cross contaminate your black/grey water and fresh water hoses.Our hose and cable storage bags will keep your essentials separated and keep YOU safe!

Don’t store your hoses in plastic bins! If you currently store your hoses in plastic bins with lids, this traps water in the hoses and prevents them from properly airing out. These environments are susceptible to mold growth. Our hose storage bags feature a super-strong fine mesh top that is designed specifically for proper water evaporation. We couple this with a waterproof inner liner so your bags don’t get soaked in the process.

Our bags feature a convenient drawstring with a barrel lock clasp allowing for storage of hoses up to 100 ft in length. The tough grab handle on the side allows for easy carrying and organization.

These bags aren’t just great for your RV or travel trailer hoses, power and electrical cables, they’re great for the home as well. Use them for your home garden hoses and keep them tidy in your garage. Some customers even use our bags to store their RV charging cables and adapters.

We are so confident in the quality of the hose organizer that you are satisfied with your purchase, if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will be at your service 24 hours a day.
【KEEP YOUR JOURNEY LIFE ORGANIZED】Do you have trouble organizing and storing your RV accessories in a limited space.This RV storage bags will be the ideal solution for your.There are 3 separate RV hoses storage bags, can be classified storage, keeping cables/wires and hoses from getting tangled or ruined, and saving precious storage space in your RV for other items. Help your RV storage and organization be more efficient, saving more time to better enjoy your journey.
【3 COLORS FOR EASY IDENTIFICATION】There are 3 different color RV accessory bags with text, green bag for fresh drinking water hose, grey bag for dirty/black water pipe/sewer hose, blue bag for Store wires/cables, these labels are not only large and easy for anyone to read, you can also identify them by color.The handles on both sides are reinforced design,can be easily lifted with both hands.
【BIGGER STORAGE SPACE】Our RV water hose storage bag dimensions are 18 inches x 10 inches.it can provide you with extra space to store your electrical cable adapters, surge protectors and more rv accessories. Especially in winter, the hose expose to the cold weather, become rigid and not easy to coil, you must need a larger width of the storage bag to store your water hose. The width of our 18 inches storage bag is 2inch larger than others storage bag in the market.
【WATERPROOF UPGRADE】The hoses organizer bags liner is made from high quality water resistant materials.When you store the hose, you will notice that there is always water remaining in the hose.The inner layer of our bags is completely waterproof,even use it directly to fill water,so you can put them directly into the bag without worrying about staining your RV. The top half of the bag is made from a super-strong breathable mesh to allow any excess water or liquid to evaporate.
【NOT ONLY FOR RV】Our waterproof storage bags and storage straps are multifunctional. You can not only use them to organize RV accessories, but also you can use them to organize your garage, warehouse, basement, shed, workshop, boat, etc. Every family needs such practical storage bags, not only travel lovers.

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