Mexico City– a bustling, busy, beautiful city that holds more than anyone could experience in a lifetime. We recently spent a month …


27 thoughts on “WHY WE LOVE MEXICO CITY

  1. Felipe Cardoso says:

    Son bienvenidos, que bueno que les gustó nuestra Ciudad de México. Todo México es maravilloso, espero que vayan a Tijuana, Cancún, Chihuahua, Monterrey o Guadalajara, se van a enamorar de cada rincón de México.

  2. Joseph Papsidero says:

    Recently during a visit to Mexico City I experienced twice in three days demonstrations in the Paseo de la Reforma that blocked traffic and caused partial suspension of MetroBus service between Polanco and the city center. It is absolutely absurd to permit this during the work week.

  3. Kimo says:

    Wow, the quality and production of this video was top notch. Congrats guys, I'm so happy you had a great experience in this city. I was going to say "my" (city) but it's so obviously yours too. Next time one of our US colleagues plans to come to town, I'll refer them to your video as THE perfect showcase of what it's like here. Favorited. Come back soon!

  4. Diego Silva Chapela says:

    Ok..i was born in México city, and yes, it has a lot to offer, and a variety of a lot of things, it is a big city and the capital of a great country. Bur I live in Querétaro City,, a safe City… It was always between the first and second safest and cleanest city from the whole country,.. nowadays is losing those numbers, as people from dangerous places, are traveling looking for a quite place to live, and Querétaro is receiving around 24-26 new families each day, so it's growing really fast, and obviously it's becoming not the tranquil and safest place as it used to be, but it still is a great city, I really feel home when I'm back from Mexico city…México is always running, in a Rush, making hours from one to a second place. In Querétaro you can leave your wrecked car in some place and come back for it the next day, in the most of places. You still can leave your car's windows open and it will be there next day. Only if you have a bad luck, it won't happen, but is not what usually happens. If your car is not working anymore, you can go walking to your place, and you know you will get there some moment. In Mexico city you can't do that. Querétaro is also growing in foreign people living here. Forgings don't wanna leave this city, it's is really nice to be here, and romantic, to fall in love easily. You can travel within the State, and you will find a lot of interesting and amazing sites. Cabins, mountains, rivers, falls, freezing climate, hot climate, a lot of important history, including being place of the independence start and part of the war. To meet the mountain were the French emperor Maximiliano de Absburgo where hiding and found, and killed. In the CERRO DE LAS CAMPANAS, where some rocks , when you hit one against the other, they sound like a campana, -a bell-, we have many vineyards, with high level wines, and wine festivals. Wonderful hotels, and you can't lose the opportunity to come and live my city. You can also make a great video like this one, but about being in Querétaro State. I greatly recommend to cone to Querétaro, and the surrounding places, Bernal, with the third biggest monolith in the planet, just after Gibraltar's peñón, and th bread of sugar from Rio de Janeiro, and its beautiful magical Town, and in Guanajuato you can visit San Miguel de Allende, also part of the independence history, colonial, and nice, nowadays considered the city number 1, in maters of foods traditions, people, arts, cultural events, ways of Living, etc. .. you can't miss coming to Querétaro. I can be your guide, and you will love my city ND the complete State

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