what i spend in a week as a student in montreal

I personally love watching these videos so wanted to make one of my own hehe here’s what i spend in a week as a college …


32 thoughts on “what i spend in a week as a student in montreal

  1. tiffanyl99 says:

    i love how some people were confused about how expensive everything seems but as someone who lives in toronto, this seemed veryy average (if anything, the rent in mtl is a lot lower!)

  2. JA the Best says:

    I think your expense is pretty reasonable, especially dividing it up with your friends is a good idea. Anyway, keep up with your study and if you can get a scholarship, that's another great perk too.!

  3. beau bo says:

    I’ve been absolutely binging ur channel! I found ur channel in 2019! I’m so happy ur posting more!!. & please film a montreal Café hopping video i feel like that’ll b super aesthetic & interesting. Montreal has the best vibes I swearrrrr <3

  4. Imogen White says:

    I need to make this video!! Rent in London is so expensive compared to Montreal!! You need to get the Spotify student discount!! My biggest saver is a coffee chain that does a subscription where you pay the equivalent of 33 Canadian dollars a month and you can have up to 5 free drinks a day!! Great coffee too!

  5. J X B says:

    im not even in college anymore but i love to see how other people budget especially single women like me. this was super interesting! i always read refinery29’s money diaries and this was like a live action one

  6. Theresa says:

    Just wanted to let you know- Spotify has a student discount! You can change you subscription to student, log in with you Uni account 🙂 Ive used this for the past few months and I only pay 4,50 or 5€ per month 💗

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