Should You Travel To Jakarta? (My Thoughts After 1 Week Here)

Should You Travel To Jakarta? Is Jakarta Indonesia worth traveling to? That is what we are talking about in todays video.


17 thoughts on “Should You Travel To Jakarta? (My Thoughts After 1 Week Here)

  1. Dedek 123 says:

    My two cents tips. If you will coming back again to Jakarta, the best and wise way are getting the public transport for budgeting reason, cheap and comfy. The public bus with AC, the Commuter train quite clean and connecting with others transport system. You just buy the card from the supermarket or vending machine at the station, the card are accessable to other transporting system.

  2. Adhityo Ariobimo says:

    Travel Tips for your next visit to Jakarta:
    1. Travel with MRT, stop at Istora Senayan and visit GBK park during sunset. In GBK Stadium, why not do a jog like everyone there.
    2. Continue with MRT, stop at Blok-M Station to find all sort of culinary. They have many good Japanese restaurant there.
    3. Near Blok-M, you can visit mbloc area to find many cool things and restaurants as well.
    3. Visit Lapangan Benteng Park for sightseeing. Very nice area near Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Chruch in Central Jakarta.
    4. You want more mall? Why not visit Grand Indonesia at least once.
    5. Find cool and trendy caffes in Senopati area, very nice area to hang out and have a nice walk there.

  3. mas mlaar says:

    Suggestions: try exploring garden in GBK stadium (search for taman kota GBK in YouTube). There is recently viral pedestrian bridge also (search for JPO pinisi karet)

  4. Dreams Advancing says:

    all around great video, the quality is good as always, it's well thought out and really got me to the point I feel I understand Jakarta, and I wanna visit Jakarta, the people seem so chill, much success and blessings on your travels Adam!👍🙏

  5. Sandy prabu says:

    Yep Jakarta,hot,traffic,disorganized sometimes but has lot shiny things like goods in malls

    Enjoy bandung cooler city with lot of nature destination to offer
    Actually you should travel bogor earlier since it is near jakarta

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