Road trip to Joshua Tree (with UNIQUE stops) | Apple Pie, Salton Sea, Ladder Canyon, & MORE!

Although we LOVED our time on the coast in San Diego, we took a little detour off the California coast for a couple weeks (don’t …


31 thoughts on “Road trip to Joshua Tree (with UNIQUE stops) | Apple Pie, Salton Sea, Ladder Canyon, & MORE!

  1. Courtney Kappel says:

    I really appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts on the Salton Sea. My friends and I thought about tent camping there once but we decided on Anza Borrego instead where it was so windy the bathhouse shingles were flying off the roof! It was all we could do the next day to pack up and head to Julian for coffee and pie! This video brought back so many memories of my past life of living in and exploring San Diego and beyond. Thank you!

  2. ty1smith says:

    Next time you are in Julian try the Caramel apple pecan pie at Apple Alley Bakery (best I’ve had in Julian) and then go to Kwaymii Point. It’s about 10-15 minutes from Julian and is part of the Pacific Coast Trail. You are on top of the mountain overlooking the desert below. It’s amazing!

  3. Suzanne Aydelotte says:

    That pie looked AWESOMELY delicious…love apple pie a la mode! The sculptures were so cool and seeing you and Adam running from one made me laugh. When you were sitting at the table with the flowers, it reminded me of a date on the Bachelor! 😂 Those ladders looked a bit intimidating…great job climbing up and down them! I loved seeing my Konie girl too. Great job once again!

  4. Geocaching with Halemeister says:

    I first heard about Bombay Beach from a different YouTube channel that was counting down the top 10 worst places in the US. The guy on the video ranked it as the worst place and you guys touched on a couple of the reasons that he listed as well. But in true A+K fashion, you highlighted some of the fun, and artsy spots. If anyone would like to see what the other video had to say about Bombay Beach, here is the link —

    I'm also not too fond of ladders, especially when they're not secured to anything. I absolutely hate getting on my roof because I know the worst part is having to use the ladder to come down. I'm a lot like Katheryn in that regard. Glad to see you guys didn't get the van stuck in the sand and had a great hike through the slot canyons.

  5. G A Pratt says:

    You enjoyed Shield's, I recommend checking out Hadley's market in Cabazon. Also if you folks get back to the Yucca valley area the Integratron is really cool and the live music at Pappy and Harriet's is awesome.

  6. True Wind Healing Travel says:

    Hello Adam & Kathryn! Remember me, Trudy, from Death Valley (3 x – LOL). So glad to cross paths with you at Death Valley. It looks like I just missed you at Joshua Tree as I was there in January. Thanks for all your inspiration. I love Alaska so will be grateful for all your vicarious content to come this summer in Alaska. Hope to cross paths with you again. Safe Travels!

  7. Jamie Walters says:

    There is noting better than apple pie ala mode. I'm very jealous. And it is a very acceptable breakfast!!! All the sculptures were cool, haven't heard of that before. Also liked the serpent! The ladders canyon hike liked really cool! Fun! The ladder that Kathryn said was really scary, didn't look bad on camera at all. Interesting. That's a big honking lens! I've had a 400mm… they're awesome!

  8. al richardson says:

    Hello Adventurers😊😊😊, MAN…those sculptures were absolutely AMAZING! The serpent was SUPER long! Ladder Canyon was really cool. I can see Kathryn, that you were having some issues climbing some of those latter's but y'all got through it. I'm really looking forward to the Joshua Tree video. Great video👍👍👍👍👍👍.

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