We are faced with many choices during our cruise vacation. Some of those choices have consequences. In today’s episode I want …



  1. Donna P says:

    Thankyou for sharing Tony and it is our own responsibility to keep our selves safe in these situations, and sad to hear about the young man who died very sad xx

  2. Justine says:

    Interestingly, I watched your zip line video a day or 2 ago, and knowing your approx. weight from Have to Lose, I wondered what the limit was. I have a few in my travel party that are close to 300 and the tallest is 6'9. Most rides and slides are out for us.

  3. Marvin Topness says:

    Wonderful you shared this story. I was 73 in 2017 – but still thought like I was 33. Went ziplininbg at Icy Point Strait in Alaska on a cruise. Wreched my back. 2 surguries, 3 steroid spinals, injections later, months of chiropractors, tested, poked and prodded. Still have numb and burning legs and balance problems. Be sensible out there!

  4. Karen Jensen says:

    With zip lining they’re is also weight MINIMUMs too. My son was slightly under the 70 lb limit and they let him go and he got stuck in the middle of one of the zips for not having enough body weight to get across

  5. Francoise Dunne says:

    Hey Tony San Diego here again follow the rules be smart be safe be alive. If the GoPro broke and then the battery died. Did you not think that that might be an omen? I definitely even though me and my husband are a little bit fluffy as you say we definitely don’t go on anything if we’re anywhere near the capacity wait better safe than sorry right?

  6. IceColdMintJulep says:

    I've been meaning to comment on this, so here it goes. One thing I want to say is that Carnival weight limits are BS! We just did two excursions where I was way overweight for. At 334 and cave tubing was 275. Passion Island Twister boat in Cozumel was 240-note, I barely fit in the boat harness. In researching, I found that different cruise lines have different weight limits for the same excursion-Disney is the most fluffy friendly. Bottom line, check the actual website as if you are going to do it on your own, that will be the real deal weight. Not to take away from any safety rule on weight or be an excuse for cheating, but limits are set well below the max on purpose as a safety factor. Low 300 folks had comments in the reviews that they fit, so that's why I stuck with it, glad I did. Don't let the cruise lines rob you of a good time.

  7. Tim Snodgrass says:

    I've never gone on an excursion where I exceeded the posted weight limits, but I have gone on a couple which were listed as "strenuous" and questionable for someone of my size and level of physical fitness. In doing so I have had a couple of experiences not so unlike your own. The problem is that the word "strenuous" gets applied a bit too liberally, and I find myself having to ask the question "is it really"? Sometimes the answer is obvious, but many times it is not.

  8. TxGambler77 says:

    First time I was ever on a zipline, I was in a very remote jungle in the Philippines where you're flying like 200ft above this river between two mountains. I kept telling myself " well, if the equipment fails, i won't have to worry about testing the facilities of a 3rd world hospital"

  9. JsRetroVideoGames says:

    Most people will probably hate me for saying this but I eat all the time and never gain weight. I was 148lbs the day before I went on my last cruise 3 months ago and was 146 when I got back. I thought for sure I was going to gain weight.

  10. 45mcgr says:

    Yep, there is a reason for most. Now there are some snorkeling that I want to do but you have to be able to pull your weight back up in the boat, and fit in the life preserver, which is also a problem for some. Recently they have been worried about “weight” on planes too. A friend of mine, her husband and daughters were told to stay in their seat because if too many people gathered at the front the plane could tip to the side because of luggage in the belly of the plane. It’s scary ridiculous!

  11. D Shande says:

    Hey Tony, we took that excursion back in 2014. It was our first time zip lining. The cave tubing was very interesting. Afterwards, we drank Belikin Beer and waited for our group name to be called to load the bus. We were the "mystery meats."

  12. r oliver says:

    Hey there Tony, good for you. There’s a degree of risk in everything we do. Now I say that w/o going against all common sense, like standing in traffic with a blindfold on. Not so much a good idea. I see what you did as something you (inside) really wanted to do for yourself, thought it through and made the call. Kudos sir. Appreciate you.

  13. Mark Robertson says:

    We all want to explore our adventurous side and and keep the spirit of our youth alive. That day Tony, Eddie and I were excited and if the truth be told all three of us pushed the limits of the weight restriction but as men sometimes do we geeked one another up. It was a blast that day, scary and fun. Looking back though and after having a heart attack pushing my body and my health to its limits I would not do it again. I can tell you though that Tony does have a nice Aft! WAR EAGLE 🦅

  14. Joanne Flood says:

    there are age limits too. Bill signed up for zip line. Guide asked his age which at time was 72. He was skinny and in good shape but they said he was too old. Make sure you read the whole description on the excursion choices.

  15. simonette Giselle says:

    Yes that young man was over the weight limit for the ride, but they don’t weigh each person going on the ride. He was ejected because he wasn’t properly restrained and the man didn’t even check him before the ride because he was to damn busy flirting and talking with other people.

  16. brigid conroy says:

    DEAR TONY, YOU ARE A GOOD MAN. As teens we went to the glow worm grotto in New Zealand. Dad dislocated his shoulder to get through one part. NO BIGGIE-IT WAS A PARTY TRICK. BUT two other guys were fluffy, and they got CAUGHT. They got through by my sister pulling and me pushing them. Their wives gave them hell, but it was funny because nothing bad happened. I am glad that you mentioned HEIGHT AND WEIGHT.
    THE YOUNG MAN'S DEATH IN FLORIDA IS UNDERSTANDABLE IN HINDSIGHT. But, in the moment, who would have thought it would happen? The kid wanted to have fun, the ride attendant undoubtedly did as well. A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY!!

  17. beege 44 says:

    This is so important for safety. People (especially those of us that are "fluffy") also need to pay attention to how strenuous an activity will be. If the activity has lots of walking or climbing and you are not in good shape you are not going to be popular with the other guests or the guide if you cannot keep up. Likewise, if you have a bad back or neck issues, please be smart enough to not go 4 wheeling or some other activity that is likely to exacerbate your condition and ruin your vacation. People routinely over estimate their abilities.

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