20 thoughts on “If You Like Hard Rock THEN YOU WILL LOVE BREATHLESS (Punta Cana)

  1. evin tovi says:

    Hey brother nice to meet you my name is Evan I’ve been following you for two weeks maybe three weeks I end up going to Rio Republica the best decision I ever make the best time ever

  2. drazed746 says:

    I’ve been to several Breathless resorts and I can say the best one thus far has been Cancun Riviera Maya. You definitely need to visit in the future. Great videos, keep them coming!

  3. Mark Russell says:

    Pretty awesome and astute as usual!. Hard Rock is massive and seems the same everywhere. Breathless has divided up the resort really well. The daily party pool mixes it up with foam machines and a live musicians to go with awesome DJ. Food is a big difference and that's the big knock on Republica. Breathless needs to update the rooms and get better ventilation. Anyone who stays at Hard Rock will appreciate Breathless. When we book our package they are pretty much the same cost and generally 150 per day more than Republica. During Covid it seems Breathless has pulled back on the disco which is run in the main lower lobby and they also have a late night disco which has an outdoor deck that has a spectacular campus and ocean view

  4. RGravy says:

    Very random question dude. I drink a good bit on vacations and in turn, drink a ton of water. At these resorts, is it unreasonable to have room service deliver case(s) of water? 😂

  5. Joe Justus says:

    I've got a trip booked at breathless in about 2 months from now but we're not paying anywhere near 700 a night?? Not sure how you got charged that much, but I'll be paying about $250 a night. Hoping the crowd is a bit more of a party vibe during that time than what you've described but we'll see, will be a good time no matter what

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