BEST Rental Car Option in Costa Rica – Don't Be SCAMMED it is a thing here

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26 thoughts on “BEST Rental Car Option in Costa Rica – Don't Be SCAMMED it is a thing here

  1. David Brewer says:

    We used Jairo when we went to Costa Rica last fall. The service was great. They went out of their way for us. The price was exactly what they quoted. It couldn’t have been better.

  2. Scott McDonnell jr says:

    I wish this video came out two weeks ago bc I just got back from Costa Rica and we had a reservation for a car and they gave our car away and wanted to charge us double for a car. Luckily we talked to someone else and got a car (smaller than we reserved) and only had to pay $200 more than our quote. But our trip started off horribly bc of the car situation)

  3. Gilles Champagne says:

    Rented through Jairo for 6 weeks last december and january. Hundreds cheaper than the other quotes I got. No surprises. Will definitely rent through him again next time we go to Costa Rica.

  4. Vanessa Acosta says:

    Hello, I rented with Vamos and wondering if you recommend full coverage, basic coverage, or use my credit card for insurance. Everyone says to use credit card insurance but my insurance only covers the car I am driving and not damages to other people/cars/ my medical charges. Thanks.

  5. Harry Aston says:

    I HIGHLY RECOMOND Hrio. Rented from him last fall. Liberia to Tamarindo for 4 days and then jump on a plane and picked up my second car from Hrio , same trip and he had me a car waiting in San Jose for another 6 days.
    Fantastic Service! I would never think about calling anyone else or refer to.

  6. Richard Wilkinson says:

    How new/old are the vehicles? In the U.S. they are generally less than a year old with low mileage. This can be an important factor in reliability. No one wants to be spending their limited vacation time waiting for a car repair.

  7. Patriot says:

    I loved that Imperial beer when i was in Costa Rica in 2018! The dust will settle soon here in the states and we will be getting ahold of you Michael! Your channel is the best! Thanks for the information! Glad to see you enjoying a beer! Live life!

  8. Bill Galli says:

    Avis is the King of rip off, our last trip they ripped everyone ahead of us. Fortunately I had a ace in the hole and he had a car for us. Delivered it to the front gate of the Avis station. The agent that was ripping us off was ferrous we walked.

  9. nicolas beauchemin says:

    That guy cancelled my rental the night before I flew in!! To offer me another one a thousand dollars more than the price expected. Thanks Jaro very nice of you. Fake news should of known just by his voice.

  10. imxploring says:

    Great info Mike! It's the old story…. Gringo pricing. Unfortunately with the economy and the virus the car rental industry has shrunk quite a bit. Less cars means less supply…. so these companies are trying to maximize their profits per vehicle.
    It use to be they just screwed you on the insurance…. but now they're getting creative on "pricing", add ons, and the insurance.
    While renting a vehicle is no longer an issue for me I'm very happy you put this information out there. I hate seeing folks visiting CR get ripped off and forming a negative opinion within the first hour of arriving when they get ripped off at the rental car location!

  11. Doug Dileo says:

    used Dollar for ten years and they screwed me in oct 2021..doubled the price and i was about to walk out and they lower it $200 but it was still way over from earlier in the year…wtf….

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