22 thoughts on “Best Luxury PARTY HOTEL in Punta Cana: Breathless vs Royalton Chic

  1. Lucas Stames says:

    Yeah I must say 46 sear old successfull couples will pay much more to be away from young middle class. It's like comparing a Rits Carlton Crowd to a Moxy ! If you want sexy 20 year-olds everywhere and young tattooed employees serving you than go W! Or Moxy! If you want to relax amongst higher class than it's the JW or Ritz. Same as your Punta Cana crowd. You can't get both!

  2. Robert Smith says:

    I LOVE the royalton properties. I remember staying at the royalton chic in Cancun and MAN…..I’ll never forget it. Breathless in Cabo was average at best and reminds me of this comparison lol

  3. Mark Russell says:

    James PICK ONE. Need advice here. Just checked: 7 Days departing Dec 17 with air:
    Majestic Elegance – 1629 (with Elegance Club)
    Breathless – 1999 (Junior suite tropical view)
    CHIC – 2009 (Standard Room) or 2259 (with upgrade suite – like the Royal PC)

  4. Singjustice says:

    I’m not gonna lie kinda regretting booking at Breathless for this summer. My friend and I are mid-20s looking for a lively party crowd around our age and after seeing your reviews I feel like we might have missed the ball with this one… oh well.

  5. JXD 93 says:

    I agree with your decisions. I went to breathless in Dec for New Years and the age ranged from 25-45 but I didn't see a party life like I thought I would. Wasn't disappointed but wasn't pleased as well.

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