13 thoughts on “3 Nights at The Orleans Las Vegas Is SO CRAZY CHEAP!! 🤯

  1. Rush Geddy says:

    I will try to make a helpful suggestion. The camera angle you use, it is like we are on the floor looking up at you. With March Madness coming, maybe a vid about sports betting comps and free drink coupons, and handicappers to follow, such as Nover, who have good long term records.

  2. Kris Jonson says:

    cool video. i visited to the Orleans in 2010 so it looks like there are a few things new to me. but the orleans would make a nice stay off the strip and at least you spent less at the coffee shop there. appreciate you just focusing on the amenities inside of hotels in case folks dont to the strip go to the strip or other parts of vegas for dining and other things. looking forward to you doing some 3 star hotels like the Rio and others.

  3. Podunk Citizen says:

    I have reserved a regular room for Park MGM April 1- 6, Mon.- Fri. 2022. They compt'ed 2 nights and the total 5 night charge, fees tax and all will be $289. I originally was gonna stay at MGM Signature for a beautiful suite with kitchenette and strip balcony views. That was around $850. My cheap side won out. Why not save $500 and have an additional $100 a day for gambling and activities. It's just me and although the Park room is fine but nothing special, I'll just spend more time out.

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