20 Greatest Natural Wonders in the United States. A travel video.

Giant waterfalls, ice caves, badlands, massive trees, and breathtaking mountains. The United States has so many natural wonders …


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  1. Seshan Sekariapuram says:

    Briggs, I enjoy.your video very much. What I am impressed about is how the citizens come together to preserve nature. After looking at SF bay area and "save the bay" initiated by local citizens, it is amazingly well preserved and will bring joy to many many future generations to come. Please do a video on top 10 citizen based nature preserves beyond the NPs and state parks, which you have already covered. Thank you!

  2. Joseph Barbeau says:

    This tells me how many great places there are in the US. I've been to a bunch but on this list, only Badlands and Bryce Canyon.

    I've been to a number that could have made this list: Glacier NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Olympic NP, Mount Rainer NP, Zion NP, Flume Gorge (NH), Red Rocks near Sedona AZ, Pikes Peak NP, Mesa Verde NP, Dry Tortugas NP (off Key West), Volcanos NP. And I realize that there are a bunch more I need to see…

  3. MrSRArter says:

    I've been to 5 National Parks so far: Cuyahoga Valley, Volcanoes, Yellowstone, Zion, and Bryce Canyon in that order. I might be going to Grand Canyon next year. I also went to all of these during the winter and Grand Canyon would be during the winter too, though Yellowstone was the only one completely covered in snow while I was there.

  4. Big Buddah says:

    Hey Briggs, have you ever been to the ice caverns in Mt. Rainier? That's in your neck of the woods and they are amazing. Then you can take the tram up to the summit and look down at the clouds, they have a museum/visitor center up there. I highly recommend it.

  5. Bruce Stiles says:

    1. Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

    2. Grand Teton National Park, WY

    3. Multnomah Falls, OR

    4. Wailua Falls, Kauai, HI

    5. Glacier Bay National Park, AK

    6. White Sands National Monument, NM

    7. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT/AZ state line

    8. Rocky Mountains (which includes lots of National Parks, etc.)

    9. Badlands National Park, SD

    10. Yosemite National Park, CA

    11. Sequoia National Park, CA

    12. Smith Park State Park, OR

    13. Acadia National Park, ME

    14. Watkins Glen State Park, NY

    15. Crater Lake National Park, OR

    16. Antelope Canyon, AZ

    17. Lake Tahoe, CA & NV

    18. Mendennal Glacier Caves, AK

    19. Big Bend National Park, TX

    20. Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

  6. Gidgit says:

    A couple years ago I rafted 88 miles of Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Definitely the most physically challenging thing I've ever done! I have a healthy respect for the canyon and its rapids.

  7. Wyoming Munchkin says:

    On another note we went back to Portland a few years ago when Oregon was literally burning up. The saddest thing I saw was the usually lush Columbia Gorge dead and brown and the normally roaring falls a mere water trickle.

  8. Aaron Shannon says:

    Unfortunately, I have not been to any of these yet. I have been to Dante's View in Death Valley three times. I plan on going to Big Bend National Park first someday since I live in Texas. I have no family, so I can travel freely if my money is right, which it is not right now. I am a road trip kind of person, so I would prefer to take the extra days of driving as opposed to flying. I can drive about 15 hours per day. It would be nice to travel with friends or family but going to these places by myself seems better due to the inhibiting factors other people can bring. What are some inhibiting factors? People may complain they cannot sit in a car for 15 hours (with some breaks of course). People may complain it is too hot or humid. People may complain their legs hurt so they can't walk anymore. People may complain they are hungry and want to leave and go eat. They may complain they don't want to get up so early. The only thing I complain about is there is not enough time, or I am falling asleep while driving but I don't want to stop (though a 15-minute afternoon nap works wonders at a rest stop). I enjoy this kind of video.

  9. Sac City 1969 says:

    1) Grand Canyon – 1985 (south rim), 2004 (north rim)

    8) Rocky Mountains – 1975, 1977, 1985, 2003, 2010

    10) Yosemite – 1975, 1988

    11) Sequoia National Park – 1971, 2000

    17) Lake Tahoe – 1975

    20) Bryce Canyon – 1985, 2004

  10. Just Mona says:

    I've never visited Alaska or Hawaii (other than the airports on the way to another country), so those parks I've missed. Other than stopping for gas in Utah. Each time was outside Zion at Bryce Canyon. My trip West this year was supposed to get me up close and personal with the hoodoos this year but with gas prices as they are I doubt I make it all the way to Utah.
    I learned from you just now Watkins Glen is not a national Park but a New York State Park! I just didn't realize something so beautiful was outside of the national parks system. The only other place on your list I haven't visited was Smith Lake in Oregon. With all which you've covered, I was surprised the Dismal Swamp nor Everglades made it on your list. Also missing was George Washington N. S., Shenandoah in Virginia & Susquehanna State Park in Lycoming County PA.
    I'm in awe of every States' natural beauty and diversity. Being a military brat who moved 47 times (never to the same state in a row) in 1 ten year period I was amazed how little civilians actually saw outside their own State. You should keep this type of video coming Briggs! There's so much to see in the USπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ!

  11. Scott Christensen says:

    About 6 years ago my family took a trip to the Rockies in Colorado and we drove through the national park. It was really amazing driving up the mountain to the point of elevation in which trees did not grow. It was July and there was snow on the ground and we even saw elk. On top of the mountain the sky was blue and cloudless but we ran into storms as we drove towards the bottom, which was really interesting. That trip was amazing and I would love to check out more national parks and even go back to The Rockies.

  12. MrDan708 says:

    Yellowstone is nature's amusement park. It has to be seen to be believed. Pix don't do justice!
    On the East coast, you won't do much better than Virginia's Shenandoah Nat'l Park, especially if you're a hiker or you like fall leaf-peeping.
    I agree with your choice of Watkins Glen, the walking path through the gorge is quite stunning.
    Yes, you could realistically make three more of these lists for the US alone, Briggs.

  13. Loony Peat says:

    You’re missing out on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota!! An amazing place to canoe and portage from pristine lake to pristine lake. Listening to the call of the loons echoing against a star studded night.

  14. Moral of the Story says:

    I loved this video, great job. Thanks for doing the one. Would love to see more of these!! ❀️ If you do decide to do another one. Consider adding Glacier National Park in Montana and Biscayne National Park in Florida please.

  15. RichH says:

    Thank you Mr Briggs, for including White Sands National Monument on your list. Nice to see this wonderful and unearthly corner of New Mexico getting some love!

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