10 AMAZING Hidden Gems & Secret Spots in SAN DIEGO for 2022 (MUST VISIT)

Tired of the usual tourist traps in San Diego in 2022? Visit these 10 Hidden Gems and Secret Spots. Check out other San Diego …


45 thoughts on “10 AMAZING Hidden Gems & Secret Spots in SAN DIEGO for 2022 (MUST VISIT)

  1. clapicusrein David says:

    I just got back from San Francisco, their version of this was crap.. venue was crap.. no history of Van Gogh at all… This one on your vid, I will definitely go… I got a ticket already

  2. Agoric Cafe says:

    9:04 – The sign's joke works only if you pronounce "Gogh" as "Go," but that's a bizarre American pronunciation.
    9:50 – When I was a kid in SD in the 70s, Paradise Point was called Vacation Village. But it looked pretty much the same.
    14:02 – Again, when I was a kid they served made-before-your-eyes tortillas inside the Museum of Man. No more, I gather.

  3. Jennifer Aniles says:

    This was awesome! I usually go down to SD about 2/3 times a month. You should definitely do a mission bay video. I would love to see the room and more of what there is there. Keep bringing more amazing content. Love you Jay God Bless ❤

  4. sleep_machine says:

    I remember unknowingly visiting the Meditation Gardens in 2008 when I was going to school in SD. I didn't take note of where I was, as my friend was just driving us around for fun – just thought it was a cool spot to chill and even took some pics of the view. Ten years later (after having moved back home to Guam) I went on a business trip to Encinitas. During a walk, I ended up at the Meditation Gardens and as I was taking a photo of the view, I realized that I had been here before and that I had taken this exact same photo. Felt like my life came full circle. 😂

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